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Owen McCarthy


Owen brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the real estate business with the help of his degree in Business Management/Marketing. He combines powerful negotiating skills, intelligent use of the latest real estate technology, high ethical standards and an energetic approach in building a successful career in real estate.

He prides himself on the ability to accurately forecast possible transaction problems, renovation and construction timelines, and provide the best solutions knowing that his client’s interest comes first. With an abundance of real estate experience and numerous connections and investors all over the world, Owen can market any property.

In addition to his real estate background, Owen has been a proud member of the Canadian Professional Golfer’s Association since 2008. Prior to his real estate career, this was his only passion. Working in the golf industry at a young age, Owen grew very fond of the sport. “It’s a great game. It’s a daily battle against yourself, just as it is in the real estate business.”

Owen has built many great long term relationships with people all over North America through travelling and playing golf across the continent. These relationships have enabled him to expand his database for real estate. “It’s astonishing how many clients and great referrals I have received over the years from these relationships. There are a lot of similarities between success on the golf course and success in the office. To excel at either, you need to have the right balance of skill, discipline, hard work, and a little bit of luck.”

If you would like to enlist the assistance of Owen on your next real estate experience, he can be reached at 780-266-6936 or at

Word On The Street

"Buying your first home is not an easy task, and without the help of Owen I would not be in my new home today. His patience and professionalism throughout the entire process was astounding. Being unsure of what I wanted to purchase, a house or a condo, Owen laid out the pros and cons of each and was very knowledgeable in all aspects of our hunt. He always kept my best interest in mind, and took the time to understand exactly what I wanted."

~ Kenneth

"He is attentive and quick to respond to emails or phone calls. He is energetic and passionate about his job, making me feel more comfortable from beginning to end. The whole process was quite seamless considering it was a rush purchase. He had a great handle on the true value and price trends, assisting me with getting my home at a great price. He stood by me from beginning to end, thank you Owen, without you I would not be in my beautiful home today."

~ Kenneth

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