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Preparing To Sell Your Edmonton Home

With our over 100 years of combined experience selling homes (condos, semi-attached & single family homes) in Edmonton, we have figured out a thing or two about what it takes to get a home sold fast and for the highest market value.

When selling your home you want to make the best impression possible.

Don’t give a Buyer the opportunity to choose another home over yours for reasons within your control!

Do everything possible to have the buyer remember the best parts of your home not the stain in the carpet or paint chips in the wall. Below is a quick guide to help you sell your home faster and for the most money in today’s market!

Preparing The Interior Of Your Home To Sell

You want to help buyer prospects visualize themselves & their belongs in your home – declutter seasonal & personal items.

Pack all seasonal items, if it is summer pack all your winter gear & stack nicely in garage or storage space. Organize all closets, drawers, cupboards.

You want your home to seem as though it has maximum space anything you don’t need for the next 3 months pack away. minimize bedding, towels, etc.

Clean inside drawers, fridge, baseboards & any other spots typically missed in a general clean. Change burnt out lights.

If something is broken fix it, especially if the cost is minimal. Do paint touch ups if necessary. Consider removing oversized furniture. Tighten any loose handles. Clean carpets if necessary.

Preparing The Exterior Of Your Home To Sell

From the moment the prospective buyer pulls up to the front of your home, they will be sizing it up so first impressions carry a lot of weight!

Remove any seasonal items. Plant flowers & weed flower beds. Sweep & spray concrete. Hose down siding. Put away all yard tools/toys. Clean front door. Mow lawn Pick up after your pet. Remove cobwebs.

Preparing Your Home The Day Of A Showing

Show your home at it’s absolute best! Keep all curtains & blinds open to allow maximum natural light.

Take out garbage, smells are memorable.

Put all toilet seats down & fold towels. Make beds. Add greenery, it really helps make a house feel like a home. Clear all surfaces as much as possible.

Don’t let little things distract the prospective buyer from picturing themselves living there!

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