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Chad Martinig

Edmonton REALTOR®

“Marty” or “Martini” is a BC boy who came to Alberta in the early 2000’s with the intention of working in the patch in Grande Prairie for only 6 months so he could accumulate enough money to return home and complete his Criminology.

Fate had a different plan for him as he crossed path with his now wife, Melissa and has been proud to call Alberta “home” ever since.

You can find Chad at the arena in the Winter months coaching his daughter’s ringette team or cheering on his son in hockey. When there’s no snow on the ground he’s probably coaching local kids in baseball or on his mountain bike off-roading in the river valley. He also regularly dedicates time to volunteering at the school and in the community for local charities with his family.

Chad’s background negotiating as a business owner on leases and as purchasing manager on high volume products leads perfectly into getting his clients the best possible contract in their real estate transactions.

Martini says, “I’ve always been a people person so the process will be entertaining and enjoyable. The part I love the most when it’s time to pull the trigger on a deal is haggling and getting the best possible outcome for clients. Knowing where the leverage is in a deal, that’s my superpower.”

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