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Cost Of Selling Your Home In Edmonton & Area

In a real estate transaction, typically the seller will take on a number of costs to make the deal happen. Below are some of the more common costs you may or may not have been considering when preparing to sell your home.


  • Real Property Report: Seller should provide Buyer with an up-to-date RPR with compliance. If, there has been visible improvements and, or changes relative to the property boundaries, you must pay for an updated RPR.
  • Fixing Items & Prepping Your Home For Sale: Prior to putting your home on the market it is¬†important to repair any broken items. Clean carpets, maintain landscaping and complete paint touch-ups. This will assist in getting you top dollar for your property.
  • Real Estate Fees: When listing your home, it is important to enlist in the services of a professional. Real Estate commissions are paid by the seller. Commissions typically cover all fees associated with listing your property – signage, professional photos, measuring, etc.
  • Moving Costs: Some costs to consider when moving include boxes, supplies, movers to help you with the transition out of your home.
  • Unpaid Services: You will have to cover any unpaid leans, judgements, taxes, HOA fees, condo fees, or any other money outstanding on the property.
  • Legal Fees & Disbursements: You will have to enlist in the services of a lawyer to assist in the sale of your property.

YEGPro Realty has a trusted group of professionals that we happily share with our clients as highly recommended based on previous transaction. If you are looking for professionals who specialize in the areas outlined above, reach out & give us a call 780-457-5657.